Image Gallery

Front View Of House

This is the east side of the house. It has a covered porch accessed by a gentle ramp with handrails. There are skylights over the front office and the kitchen. The garden has been planted in perennials and flowering shrubs.

House And Studio/Workshop

The gravel drive provides plenty of space for visitor parking and is easy to plow in winter. The studio was designed with a wide roll-up door for exhibitions and open air work in balmy weather. Three skylights and windows in the roll-up door help illuminate the studio/workshop in all weather.

Raised Private Deck

Panoramic View of Deck

The deck faces the forest on the west side of the house. Since we are high on a ridge, about 2800 feet above sea level, we are occasionally enveloped by clouds which enhances our feeling of privacy and isolation from the rest of the world.

Garden Beds and Bird Feeders

Our raised deck allows us to raise herbs and vegetables for the kitchen without having to fend off the deer who roam this ridge at night. We love our wildlife but do not wish to share our Swiss Chard and Tomatoes with them. We have multiple hangers for bird feeders and hummingbird feeders or hanging baskets of flowers as desired.

Our Favorite Spot By The Hearth

Our Dutchwest woodstove is so efficient that we have never had to use our baseboard electric heating system. Unlike traditional wood stoves, this one has an outside air feed to provide air for the combustion of firewood. This means that the air going up the chimney does not create a vacuum and draw cold air into the house through the cracks in the windows and doors as fireplaces and traditional stoves do.

To make life easier for those who work away from home, we have installed an 18K BTU LG Air Conditioner with wireless remote. This provides automated heating and cooling capability that matches our local climate conditions. Our location is elevated at 2800 feet and we typically require heat for 9 months of the year. In the remaining three months, July, August, and September, we require cooling and dehumidifying. This newly installed system provides the operating modes we need and it is controlled by wireless remotes.

View of Dining Room and Living Room

Our custom open plan design gives us more room and longer lines of sight than we would get in a conventional floor plan. It also gives us maximum flexibility to change things around as we wish. Since there are only two of us, we are using a small dining room table where we used a larger one to seat 8 to 10 people. In the living room we could use a sectional if we wished instead of the current arrangement with two love seats.

Living Room And Hearth

The living room is a comfortable, casual conversational area that can be rearranged in many different ways. The French door opens on to the raised deck while the floor to ceiling side panels provide a continuing view of the forest outside.

Dining Room

Our dining room has plenty of privacy because of the forest surrounding the house. It can accommodate a table that seats 10 people.

Several Views of our Kitchen

The spacious kitchen has oak cabinets with pull-out drawers and a composite top that stands up to heavy use. The stove has a glass top cooking surface that is easy to keep clean. The two door refrigerator dispenses water and ice from the freezer compartment and the water supply comes from the reverse ozmosis filtration system in the utility room.

The reverse ozmosis filtration system provides us with water having less than 20 ppm of total dissolved solids for cooking and drinking. There is an additional tap for this system in the utility room.

The kitchen is located on the front of the house and is constantly provided with sunlight through the double windows and the skylight above the center of the kitchen. There is ample cabinet space for implements and supplies on this side of the kitchen and there is more on the other side.

The kitchen has a dual tub stainless steel sink and receives light from the double windows on the east side of the house and from the skylight overhead where a hanging plant adds life to the kitchen.

Our Multipurpose Studio/Workshop

Our fully equipped studio/workshop is 768 sq feet of brightly lit workspace with power outlets and power drops galore. The full spectrum fluorescent lights are augmented by three skylights with light baffles to provide light without the glare of direct sun.

The workshop is equipped with a half bathroom with a shower and there is a utility sink for washing up after work. The studio/workshop has its own water heater independent of the house water heater.

Additional Views

We have more rooms to add, such as the bedrooms, and bathrooms, and walk-in closets, plus a huge 1600 sq ft walk-in storage area under the house, but if you like what you see so far, give Kaelyn Globig a call and arrange for a tour. She will be happy to answer your questions about the house and the property.

Just call or text her at Kaelyn Globig Blue Ridge Land & Auction Co., Inc. 102 S Locust Street, Floyd, Virginia, 24091 (616) 745-3128 (540) 808-8008